Disruptive innovation meets the circular economy.


Our Australian pilot project in 2016 proved that the public want a recycling solution for coffee cups and that we can successfully collect coffee cups as a separate waste stream.

From 8 May 2017, Simply Cups will be operating coffee cup collections in Melbourne & Sydney with an aim to collect 100 million cups/year. When we can reach this quantity a local coffee cup recycling solution will be viable.

If you sign up for a cup collection from your workplace, staff will be asked to 'TIP-FLIP-SLIP' - 'Tip' out any coffee remnants, 'Flip' the plastic lid into the recycling bin, and 'Slip' the coffee cup into the tube.


We will co-ordinate with the building facilities manager to pick up these coffee cups on a regular basis.

Our pioneering program partners who have established coffee cup recycling programs include:

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…with many more hot on their heels.

We are currently stockpiling collected cups within Australia and working with local partners of various emergent technologies to refine existing processes and develop innovative solutions that turn coffee cups into new products.

We are looking to develop new technology, processes and facilities in Australia which will provide us with a local recycling solution and also encourage the growth of our domestic sustainable manufacturing industry.  This will also provide knowledge, skill and technology export opportunities in the future.

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