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Your impact matters. Improve your environmental and sustainable initiatives through the Simply Cups membership. 

Creating positive impact

Our members are empowering their businesses, clients and customers with regular data and ongoing investment into upcycling single-use cups. 


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Admin fee
Monthly Upcycled Package
Locked Collection Rates
Non member
$0 / year
$50 / month
$799 / year

Does your business want to do more? Simply Cups offers Corporate Partnerships to meet your sustainability goals. Simply Cups can offer extended marketing, data, technology research opportunities and collaborations such as event speaking. Contact us to discuss your impact potential through our Corporate Partnerships. 

What's included if I become a member?

Monthly reports

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Ongoing contribution to research

Members contribute to the active research and innovation of recycling single-use cups.

Upcycled Pack

Every member is gifted an Upcycled pack (made from cups collected from Simply Cups!) to champion their upcycling story.

Certified badge

Members have exclusive rights to use the Simply Cups member badge demonstrating ongoing commitment to sustainable practices. 

Locked in rates

Members have fixed collection costs for the membership year.  

Waived admin fees

Members do not have to pay monthly administration fees.


  • What is a report?
    Reports are an important way for your business to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices and help your business meet any goals. Our reports have up-to-date numbers on how many cups your location has collected, how the Simply Cups technology is working, behind-the-scene updates on processes and upcycled products and information on our other sustainable programs!
  • What is an Upcycled Pack?
    Simply Cups are very excited to launch our Upcycled Pack. A lot of our current Cup Collectors have purchased a number of our upcycled products, with the introduction of the Membership we would like to welcome each of our members with an Upcycled Pack. Our Upcycled Pack includes $100 worth of upcycled products made from cups collected from the Simply Cups program. As our Cup Collectors vary, our Upcycled Packs are tailored to your business, if you are an office building we will send rCUPs (reusable cups made from cups) or Stay Trays. If you are a shopping centre, your Upcycled Pack will include garden edging or car bumper stops. The Upcycled Pack is a 'Thank you' from Simply Cups, but also as a way for your business to demonstrate the upcycling story of the Simply Cups program.
  • If I become a Cup Collector, do I become a member?
    Firstly, thank you for collecting cups and saving them from landfill! As a Cup Collector, you collect cups, we pick them up and upcycle them on your behalf. Cup Collectors are not members. Membership provides regular reporting on your cup collections, an ongoing investment into the upcycling technologies, ability to use our Simply Cups membership badge, upcycled products for you to share the upcycling story, reduced collection rates and more! Cup Collection rates are monthly, Membership is annual.
  • I have more than one Simply Cups collection unit ... does this mean I have to pay for more than one membership?
    Memberships are based per location. If you are located at 1 Main Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 and have 3 collection units, you will need one membership. If you have 3 collection units at 3 different locations, you will need three memberships. This is because benefits are specific to locations. For example your monthly reports will be location specific and each location will receive an Upcycled Pack. If you have multiple locations, contact your account manager to discuss multiple location discounts.
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