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Recycle your
paper cups

Simply Cups is a trusted paper cup recycling program. 

Recycle your coffee cups and all other paper cups with us! 

Our impact


collection locations


cups collected

*accurate as of 30th June 2024 

Get involved

For businesses

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Set up collection units at your workplace!

For businesses


Empower your customer to recycle through the ARL.

For schools

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Set up free collections at your primary or secondary school.

For individuals


Recycle your paper cups at our collection locations.

One of the reasons paper cups including coffee cups cannot be recycled in kerbside recycling is because of their waterproof lining. Both plastic and plant-based linings cannot be recycled in traditional recycling. 

Simply Cups is Australia's first and largest paper cup recycling program. We save millions of cups from landfill and give them a second life. 

Once cups are collected, we process them and give them to our manufacturing partners to turn into high value products. 

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