Australia's Largest Cup Recycling Program

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Set up collection tubes at your workplace or school


1 cent from every cup purchased supports cup recycling in Australia


The reusable cup made from recycled takeaway cups

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Melbourne, 2019


Rescue cups at your school

7-Eleven's #CUPRESCUE Schools Program gives schools the tools they need to collect cups and educate students about recycling.

For many, coffee plays a big part in our life. It also plays a big part in the amount of waste we produce, with millions of takeaway coffee cups ending up in landfill each year...until now.

Simply Cups is Australia's first coffee cup recycling program, allowing businesses and schools to close the loop on coffee cups.

Recycle your takeaway cups at participating 7-Eleven stores across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

1 cup sold = 1 cup recycled

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