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Are you a business?

Become a Cup Collector

Create a more sustainable experience

Becoming a Cup Collector with Simply Cups means you will collect paper cups at your office, venue or event through a designated cup collection. 


Simply Cups will collect your cups to be recycled!

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Set up
You collect cups
Simply Cups will collect
Simply Cups will process
Simply Cups make upcycled products!

Step 1: Choose your Simply Cups hardware

To become a Cup Collector, you are required to have Simply Cups hardware to collect cups. We have a range of options depending on your needs. Custom branding is also available.

Single Tube

Single Tube.png

Ideal for: Offices, spaces with low to medium coffee consumption. Best to keep in kitchen near other waste bins, so lids can be disposed correctly.

Size: 25 x 25 x 100cm 

Cost: $220.00 + GST

3 tube minimum

Double Tube

Double Tube.png

Ideal for: Cafes, restaurants and spaces with medium coffee consumption.

Size: 30 x 30 x 123cm 

Cost: $455.00 + GST

Triple Tube

Triple Tube.png

Ideal for: Cafes, cafeterias, restaurants and locations with medium to high level coffee consumption.

Size: 30 x 60 x 123cm 

Cost: $530.00 + GST

Triple Tube + Liquids

Triple Tube + Liquid.png

Ideal for: Cafes, cafeterias, restaurants and locations with medium to high level coffee consumption.

Size: 30 x 60 x 123cm 

Cost: $675.00 + GST

Jumbo Bin


Ideal for: High traffic public spaces including shopping centres, airports, and stadiums.

Size: 65 x 65 x 106cm 

Cost: $1,325.00 + GST

Custom branding available $750.00 + GST.  Min 12 collection units for custom branding.

Liquid only holder $155.00 + GST.

Tubes usually fit 40 - 60 cups if stacked correctly. 

Delivery cost not included in price of collection units. 

Compare our Simply Cup hardware here. 

Step 2: Collect cups 

You collect cups into the Simply Cups collection unit. Once your Simply Cups collection unit is full, it gets emptied into your back-of-house bins. Cleaners and/or facility managers will usually manage this. 


Simply Cups BOH 240L or 660L bin not supplied (however removing cups from your general waste stream, you could repurpose an existing 240L/660L bin.) 

Step 3: Simply Cups will collect your cups

Simply Cups will collect your cups from your dedicated back-of-house Simply Cups 240L or 660L bin. Collections can be weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly depending on your needs.

Regional - 660L Bin
Regional - 240L Bin
Inner Regional - 660L Bin
Inner Regional - 240L Bin
Metro - 660L Bin
Metro - 240L Bin

Costing excludes GST. Invoiced on a monthly basis.

  • Minimum collection: 4-weekly 

  • 240L or 660L bin not supplied (However removing cups from your general waste stream, you could repurpose an existing 240L/660L bin.) 

  • Simply Cups will provide signage for 240L or 660L bins. 

  • Costs valid for ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC and WA. Additional costs may apply in other states. 

  • Metro = 0-75km from state CBD

  • Inner Regional = 75 - 150km from state CBD 

  • Regional = 150km+ from state CBD


Please note, costs are subject to change based on your actual collection requirements, and any bespoke conditions or inclusions that may be agreed upon during the registration process.

Step 4: Simply Cups process your cups and upcycle

Once we have collected cups from your location, we take them to our Australian partner facilities to upcycle! 


Your cups are made into garden beds, sustainable building material, reusable coffee cups, reusable drink trays, recycled roads, lightweight concrete and more! We are always researching new ways to upcycle paper cups. See our upcycled products below: 

garden beds 400x400.png

Garden beds:

Made from cups and soft plastics.

saveBOARD 400x400.png


Sustainable building material made from cups and long-life cartons.

rCUP 400x400.png


The world's first reusable coffee cup made from coffee cups.

asphalt 400x400.png


Asphalt made from cups.


AC Mounting Blocks:

Made from cups and recycled soft plastics.

StayTray 300x300.png

Stay Tray:

Made from cups and recycled polypropylene.

Lightweight concrete 300x300.png

Lightweight concrete:

Made from cups.

Fence post 300x300.png

PLUS Post fence posts:

Outdoor fenceposts made from cups.

What else is included?

Monthly reports

Every month, we send out a report with the number of cups you have SAVED from landfill. 

The report also includes updates from Simply Cups, new or emerging Simply Cups technologies and milestones! 

SC - dashboard - 600x400.png

Plastic sleeves for tubes 

Tubes are required to have a clear plastic sleeve to collect cups.


These sleeves will be provided by Simply Cups. 

Emptying Simply Cups Sleeves.png

Bin stickers & signage

Stickers and messaging for your BOH 240L or 660L bins are provided.


Signage on BOH bins provide guidance on what is and is not allowed in BOH bins. This helps with contamination and collection efficacy. 

660L BIN.png

Access to Media Kit

Saving cups is something you should be proud of.


Simply Cups provide access to our Media Kit with upcycling videos and upcycled product images so you can share the great impact you are making.

rCUP 400x400.png

Cup Collector FAQs

  • What is a report?
    Reports are an important way for your business to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices and help your business meet any goals. Our reports have up-to-date numbers on how many cups your location has collected, how the Simply Cups technology is working, behind-the-scene updates on processes and upcycled products and information on our other sustainable programs!
  • What is an Upcycled Pack?
    Simply Cups are very excited to launch our Upcycled Pack. A lot of our current Cup Collectors have purchased a number of our upcycled products, with the introduction of the Membership we would like to welcome each of our members with an Upcycled Pack. Our Upcycled Pack includes $100 worth of upcycled products made from cups collected from the Simply Cups program. As our Cup Collectors vary, our Upcycled Packs are tailored to your business, if you are an office building we will send rCUPs (reusable cups made from cups) or Stay Trays. If you are a shopping centre, your Upcycled Pack will include garden edging or car bumper stops. The Upcycled Pack is a 'Thank you' from Simply Cups, but also as a way for your business to demonstrate the upcycling story of the Simply Cups program.
  • If I become a Cup Collector, do I become a member?
    Firstly, thank you for collecting cups and saving them from landfill! As a Cup Collector, you collect cups, we pick them up and upcycle them on your behalf. Cup Collectors are not members. Membership provides regular reporting on your cup collections, an ongoing investment into the upcycling technologies, ability to use our Simply Cups membership badge, upcycled products for you to share the upcycling story, reduced collection rates and more! Cup Collection rates are monthly, Membership is annual.
  • I have more than one Simply Cups collection unit ... does this mean I have to pay for more than one membership?
    Memberships are based per location. If you are located at 1 Main Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 and have 3 collection units, you will need one membership. If you have 3 collection units at 3 different locations, you will need three memberships. This is because benefits are specific to locations. For example your monthly reports will be location specific and each location will receive an Upcycled Pack. If you have multiple locations, contact your account manager to discuss multiple location discounts.

Become a Cup Collector

Become a Cup Collector
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