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7-Eleven Cup Rescue Schools Program

Help save millions of cups from landfill at your school

Over 1.8 billion hot drink cups are used every year! Coffee cups and other paper cups such as ice-cream cups and hot chocolate cups cannot be recycled in kerbside recycling because of their waterproof lining. 

They can be recycled with Simply Cups, and your school can get involved through the 7-Eleven Cup Rescue Schools Program.


Save cups from landfill at your school today!

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Get involved!


Simply Cups and 7-Eleven will donate Cup + Lid collection units to your school.


Set up your collection units!


Take your cups to a local 7-Eleven to be recycled.

The program is open to primary and secondary schools with a local 7-Eleven in ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. Find a 7-Eleven Cup Collection near you. 

Think reusable first

7-Eleven and Simply Cups acknowledges reusable is always the best option, and it’s important we continue to work towards creating less waste in the first place.


7-Eleven and Simply Cups continues to encourage Australia to think reusable first. At all 7-Eleven stores reusable coffee cups and Slurpee bottles are welcomed.

Learn more about cup recycling


Apply today

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