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What can I recycle with Simply Cups?

Recycle your paper cups with Simply Cups

Simply Cups is a dedicated paper cup recycling program.

We accept: 

  • coffee cups

  • hot drink cups (hot chocolate, tea ...)  

  • take-away soft drinks cups

  • milkshake cups 

  • Slurpee cups 

  • compostable cups

  • any type of paper-based cup

Simply Cups will accept and recycle coffee cup lids (plastic and plant-based) at 7-Eleven locations only.

We do not accept: ​

  • any type of plastic cups or bottles 

  • aluminium cans 

  • long-life bottles 

  • any other waste and liquids


Simply Cups will not accept or recycle coffee cup lids at locations except for 7-Eleven locations. 

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