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Compare cup collection units

Every collection point needs a dedicated Cup Collection Unit, and we have a range of units to suit your space.

Prices below exclude GST and Freight, and discounts may apply for larger orders, and custom branding is available for an extra charge.

Single Tube.png

Single Tube

250w x 250d x 1000h

2.3 kg


Cups: 40-60

1 x pack of sleeves (1kg)

1 x cup cap

$220.00 each
(minimum 3 order)

Double Tube.png

Double Tube

300w x 300d x 1230h

7.4 kg

Cups: 40-50
Lids: 80

2 x Pack of sleeves (1kg)

1 x cup cap

1 x lid cap

1 x push stick

$455.00 per unit

Triple Tube.png

Triple Tube

300w x 600d x 1230h



Cups - 80-100

Lids: 80

2x Pack of Sleeves (1kg)

2 x cup cap

1 x lid cap

1 x push stick

$ 530.00 per unit

Triple Tube + Liquid.png

Triple Tube & Liquids

300w x 600d x 1230h

11.4 kg


Cups: 80-100

Lids: 80
Excess liquids : 1 litre

1 x pack of sleeves (1kg)

2 x cup caps

1 x lid cap

1 x liquid container

1 x push stick​

$675.00 per unit


Jumbo Cup Unit

649w x 649d x 1063h 

15 kg


Cups: 150

Lids: 100

Excess Liquids: 7 litres

1 x pack Jumbo bags

1 x 7 litre liquids caddy

$1,325.00 per unit




Accessories included


Make an impact

Become a Cup Collector and help save millions of cups from landfill.

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