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What we do

Simply Cups is a trusted paper cup recycling program, created in 2017 to reduce the amount of coffee cups that end up littered in streets, contaminating waterways and ending up in landfill to give them a second life. 

At Simply Cups, we are committed to recycling paper cups. 

One of our main services is the collections of paper cups from individuals, businesses and communities all over Australia. 

Finding suitable innovations is just a part of recycling. 

Simply Cups ensure the products that are being made from cups are needed by industries, government and/or individuals. 



Simply Cups are continuously seeking and developing new local and international technologies to recycling paper cups. 

As technology evolves, so does our paper cup recycling possibilities. 

Product Stewardship

Through the Australasian Recycling Label, we are working with brands and manufacturers to take accountability for their paper cups! 

The ARL demonstrates a brand's commitment to sustainability. 

Made from cups

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