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As one of the leading coffee destinations in Australia, 7-Eleven has joined forces with Simply Cups as a pioneering partner to revolutionise cup recycling.


Over 660 7-Eleven stores have set up collection stations across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia to collect all paper-based takeaway cups, lids and even straws for recycling.

10 million cups 7 eleven.png

Simply Cups announced that more than 10 million cups have been rescued from landfill.

Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste & Environmental Management, deposited the 10 Millionth cup into the Simply Cups collection point at 7-Eleven Clarence St, Sydney.

 “This is a great practical example of Australia’s growing circular economy in action, and shows how we will all benefit from an invigorated waste and recycling industry.”


Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste & Environmental Management

“It is fantastic to see so many people embracing Simply Cups, because it really is a win-win for the environment and the economy.”


Rob Pascoe, Managing Director, Closed Loop

“We encourage customers to up the ante and deliver any brand of used coffee cup or straw to our cup collection points at store, and we’ll make sure they get recycled via Simply Cups.”


Angus McKay
CEO of 7-Eleven

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Rescue cups at your school

7-Eleven's #CUPRESCUE Community Program gives schools the tools they need to collect cups and educate students about recycling.

7-Eleven Schools_1.png
7-Eleven Schools_2.png
Tram loads of cups diverted
from landfill

7-Eleven sponsor tram to raise awareness about coffee cup collection

In early April 2019, Simply Cups Australia passed 4 million cups diverted from landfill. To celebrate, Pioneering Partner 
7-Eleven have branded a Tram in Melbourne to raise awareness about coffee cup collection, and highlight that the program had diverted over 80 full tram loads of cups from landfill at the time.


Free coffee for a month campaign

In August of 2019, you can get your hands on free coffee at 7-Eleven Australia stores nation wide. All you need to do is bring a reusable coffee cup to enjoy 7-Eleven’s popular freshly ground coffee for free.

This 28-day initiative runs from 6th August until 2nd September 2019, and aims to encourage the reduction of single use cups by rewarding Aussies for choosing reusable cups as part of their everyday habits.


The program valid for any reusable coffee cup, including the 7-Eleven rCUP which is available at the store.


Simply Cups Conference

Lisa Birch is the Head of Brand at 7-Eleven Australia and is a strong ambassador for the Simply Cups Program.

In 2019 we held our inaugural Simply Cups Conference with speakers from each of our partners discussing their involvement in the program, and the effect it's had on their business and social profile. 

Watch Lisa's presentation below.


Award Winners

Our Simply Cups team was delighted to win the 2018 7-Eleven Supplier Award for Sustainable and Ethical Excellence in April of that year. 

The award recognises our shared commitment to making change on a large scale through the Cup Rescue program.

rCUP 7-Eleven coffee.png


Available at 7-Eleven

The reusable cup made from recycled coffee cups is
available at all 7-Eleven stores.

In the handy size of 7-Eleven's $1 regular coffee.

Your rCUP purchase comes with its first coffee free! 


and help close the loop on coffee cups

Start your own collection service at your workplace or school.

1 cent from each cup sale supports the establishment coffee cup recycling in Australia.

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