As one of the leading coffee destinations in Australia, 7-Eleven has joined forces with Simply Cups as a pioneering partner to revolutionise cup recycling. Over 660 7-Eleven stores have set up collection stations across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia to collect all paper-based takeaway cups, and even plastic straws and lids for recycling.


Available at 7-Eleven

The reusable cup made from recycled coffee cups is available at all 7-Eleven stores.


In the handy size of 7-Eleven's $1 regular coffee.

Your rCUP purchase comes with its first coffee free! 

Rescue cups at your school

7-Eleven's #CUPRESCUE Community Program gives schools the tools they need to collect cups and educate students about recycling.


and help close the loop on coffee cups

Start your own collection service at your workplace or school.

1 cent from each cup sale supports the establishment coffee cup recycling in Australia.

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