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Simply Cups: Cup Collector
User Guide

Set up your Simply Cups hardware

Collection units 

  • For office buildings, we recommend you place units in your kitchen next to your other bins (general waste + co-mingled recycling).

  • For public spaces such as shopping centres and cafes, we recommend you place units next to other bins, generally a location where customers leave the food court works well. The key is having a collection unit available where they finish their coffee.

  • We recommend you do not locate collection away from other bins (e.g. Landfill and/or Co-Mingled Recycling). We have found cup collection units without other bins experience higher contamination levels, as people naturally discard their waste into the most convenient bin. Source separation works best when all options are available.

  • Ensure your collection units have sleeves to capture the cups.

240L / 660L back-of-house bins


  • Our collection drivers will collect cups from Simply Cups labelled wheelie bins.  So please ensure the bins are kept in a dedicated location that is accessible for our collection drivers, with the Simply Cups sticker visible at the front of the bin.

660L BIN.png
240L BIN.png


Users (Office staff, customers, patrons, visitors .. etc) 

  • Simply Cups is an initiative your staff and customers will love to know about. 

  • The more people that know where to recycle their cups, the more we'll save from landfill.

  • Any communications such as email, newsletters, digital presence, posters and word of mouth can encourage users to recycle their cups appropriately.


  • Make sure those who empty your Cup Collection Units are aware of how to empty sleeves into appropriate bins and replace sleeves. 

Setting Up

Minimise contamination

What you can recycle with Simply Cups

We recycle paper cups, including compostable cups.

What you can't recycle with Simply Cups

We will not recycle any other material other than paper cups. 

Accepted sleeve

Simply Cups will accept:

  • Sleeves with no contamination 

  • Sleeves with stacked paper cups 

Rejected sleeve

SC - contamination.png

Simply Cups will not accept:

  • Liquids or food

  • Other material other than paper cups 

  • Aluminium cans

  • Plastic bottles 

  • Long-life cartons 

  • Plastic bags and wrappers 

  • Newspapers, brochures or other paper items 

  • Plastic sleeves other than the provided Simply Cups sleeve

If a cup recycling sleeve or bag becomes contaminated, all cups and lids within that sleeve cannot be recycled via Simply Cups.​ That means our collections driver will not empty that bin during your next collection.

If your cups are contaminated, we will notify you.

Minimising Contamiation

How to empty and maintain collection units


Lift off cap from tube.

Slowly pull out the full sleeve of cups.

Check that cups are well-nested and remove any contamination.

Tie off the end of the sleeve tightly.


Get a new clean sleeve. Fold it in half, then slip it into the tube.

Fold over the sleeve at the top, allowing approximately 10cm of overhang.

Replace the tube cap.
Repeat process for lids tube.

Place full sleeves of cups into your Simply Cups wheelie bin. Recycle your sleeve of lids with your chosen recycling facility (if accepted).

Empty Collection Unit

Order tube sleeves

Running low on Tube Sleeves? 

Standard Tube Sleeves are provided FREE as part of the program.

We can deliver them to you free of charge during your next collection, so be sure to order before you run out. If you have already run out of Tube Sleeves and require more couriered urgently, a $20 Express Delivery Fee Applies.

Order Tube Sleeves
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