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What is involved in running a product stewardship program?

Product stewardship programs consider the full lifecycle of a product, from design to disposal.


Simply Cups is a product stewardship programs that proudly works with various stakeholders such as brands and government to supply sustainable paper cup solutions. 

What are the costs involved?

As any service, there are costs. Learn more about the costs involved with Simply Cups. 

Simply Cups is an initiative by Closed Loop. We explore a range of solutions to provide sustainable solutions for paper cups. 


From our research and development projects, we know that paper cups are a valuable additive to many products. We explore several R&D projects each year. Some have limitations to apply practically, whereas others are successful, like PAK-PAVE(TM) Roads. Many of these successful innovations are resource intensive, some even taking years to develop to pass vigorous testing.


Another solution is collecting paper cups from businesses, communities, events and venues. There are costs in making, storing and transporting our infrastructure like our collection units and recycled plastic sleeves. Our collection units are uniquely designed to collect cups in the most efficient way possible. By stacking cups, we can collect more cups than having them loose in a bin. Then, we have costs in picking up and transporting paper cups to a processing facility. 


At the facility, our team manually sort cups for contamination and processing. Here, our specialists utilise various pieces of equipment to process paper cups. Processing may include washing and drying, creating flakes, pellets or glue or a mix of these! After it is processed, materials are transported to manufacturing locations where they are manufactured into roads, lightweight concrete, sustainable building material or any of our new innovations! Products made from paper cups are then widely enjoyed and used by businesses and communities. 

Government and Policy Engagement

We work closely with all levels of government and industry bodies, offering insights and direction for sustainable paper cup outcomes. 

Marketing and Operations

Our marketing and operations teams are also vital in keeping Simply Cups operating day-to-day. Costs include keeping the lights on to implementing soft that provides businesses with data on how many cups they have saved from landfill. 

Products made with paper cups

From our investment in paper cup innovations and recycling solutions, we have supported and partnered with a range of technologies to create valuable products made with paper cups. 

Get involved

We look forward to working with more brands and businesses to minimise our impact on the environment, particularly our landfill impact! 

If you supply or use paper cups, apply the Drop Off Only ARL to empower your customers to recycle your paper cups!

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Become a Cup Collector and collect paper cups at your office, event or venue!

Want to find out more about how you can get involved? Contact our friendly team today!

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